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Monday, September 16th, 2013

Protest Meeting Against Rampal Power Plant in London

Bangladesh Government is going ahead to set up a coal fired power plant very close vicinity of the Shundarban, the world’s largest mangrove forest. This is an India-Bangladesh joint venture the 1320 MW Rampal coal fired power plant. Shundarban is under threat as Rampal power plant will emit huge carbon, toxic gases, smoke and ash which will have devastating environmental impact and may destroy the forest as the project area lies only 10 KM away from the forest. The shundarban is the repository of large variety of flora and fauna, rich in biodiversity; it provides sanctuary to nearly 60 verities of bird life, world’s natural wildlife wonder and natural shield against tidal surge. Rampal power project will bring totally negative impact on environment, ecology and livelihood. Experts are absolutely against this project within such an environmentally critical area. Environmentally deleterious Rampal power project should be abandoned immediately. We demand immediate stop of harmful Rampal power project.

This is a call to join the public meeting on-


Thursday, 26 September 2013 at 5.30 pm,

Montefiore Centre, Hanbury Street, London E1 5HZ


For further information please contact Dr Kazi M Rahman 07956260791/ Akhter Khan 07714288221,

email: nationalcommittee.uk@googlemail.com

National Committe to Protect Oil-Gas- Mineral Resources and Port -Power in Bangladesh, UK Branch