Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Booklet- Why Rampal and Orion Coal Power Plants are Dangerous for Sundarban

Sundarban means the largest mangrove forest. Sundarban means the World Heritage Site. Sundarban means livelihood of a million poor people. Sundarban means a natural huge protection for 40 million people against natural disaster. Sundarban means a big shelter against climate change.

But in the name of power generation Indian NTPC, and Bangladesh Orion are building big coal fired power plants near Sundarban. More commercial projects are in the process. Studies confirm that these are going to destroy Sundarban.


Here is the booklet of National Committee explaining how Sundarban is under big attack by corporate greed:

Sundarban Booklet(English)

Sundarban Booklet(Bangla)